Let's end the stigma around mental illness

The World Health Organization estimates that by 2020, depression will be the the leading cause of disability across all age groups.  It is 2016 and yet there is still much stigma around mental illness even though it touches so many, directly or through someone we know.  Stigma stifles conversation that can lead to understanding, connection, and healing.  Together, we can end the stigma, and here are some great ideas from the  Bell Let's Talk Day campaign:


Supporting a Loved One with Depression

The Globe and Mail's "Have Your Say" Column recently featured a piece on how family and friends can help support a loved one suffering from depression.

I was invited to contribute to the piece and my brief comments are published here: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/giving/have-your-say-how-can-we-help-friends-and-loved-ones-with-depression/article22236817/

Success and Schizophrenia?

A heartening read on how diagnoses can be limiting and how one can still make choices to change the direction of one's life, despite the grim statistics.  This law professor is surely one of the exceptions rather than the rule, and it seems she had a lot stacked in her favor including treatments effective for her condition, capacity for ongoing self management, capacity for self determination, and a strong system of professional and personal supports.